Day 12: Bunbury – Perth

Our last day in the motorhome and, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hang around in Bunbury to find things of interest. It will have to wait till our next visit to Western Australia. Herself was disappointed not to see the dolphins in the bay but it was just how it had to be.

Our drive north to Perth was not without stops. We chose to drive up Highway 1, also known as The Old Coast Road, instead of using the faster freeway. South of Rockingham we took the scenic route (tourist drive 202) and stopped for a few minutes just south of the town to take these photos of the beach and islands of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. One of the islands is named Penguin Island — perhaps worth a visit next time?
You can see how rugged these islands are in these shots.
North of Rockingham the scenery is very different. There are more beaches…
and this industrial landscape, in which Himself finds beauty, Herself doesn’t.
A quick “arty” photo of a found “still life” before heading off again.20130608-223424.jpg
We had lunch at Red Rooster in Belmont, parking in almost the same spot as we had done on our first day with the motorhome and sitting at exactly the same table in the store! We bought a few groceries in the same supermarket we had stocked up from on that first day which now seemed so long ago, then it was time to return the motorhome.

We filled up with fuel a couple of kilometres before the depot and arrived there just before 3pm. It seemed to take ages for a taxi to arrive to take us on to Phase II of our holiday — five nights in an apartment in central Perth.

On arrival at the apartments, we found that reception closed at 4pm so Himself had to go further up the street to organise our keys. They couldn’t find our booking but soon realised it was a private leasing and called the owner. She apologised; she had thought we were arriving on Thursday — it was Tuesday. More waiting…

Finally we were shown up to the apartment, given a tour and a heap of information and the owner left.

So what’s the first thing two weary travellers do when they have the place to themselves? Why, two loads of washing (laundry) of course! It was great to have a washer and dryer to ourselves and better yet, we didn’t have to find coins to operate them! Heaps better than the hand-washing of “smalls” (as my grandmother used to call them) in the caravan park in Albany five nights before!

It was lovely to show the apartment to DD and Older Grandson via the magic of FaceTime, before cooking dinner and having an early night!


1 thought on “Day 12: Bunbury – Perth

  1. Hey, I am enjoying your trip vicariously through your posts, even if I haven’t commented. I am amazed at the variety and vastness of your country land. I am sure you are glad to be in one place for a few days. Relax and enjoy, browse and rest.

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