Day 11: Prevelly – Cape Naturaliste – Busselton – Bunbury

On our way from Prevelly to Cape Naturaliste National Park, Himself saw these grass trees which he just had to stop and photograph. While doing so, he also found a termite mound.
The first place we visited in Cape Naturaliste National Park was Eagle Bay. Herself found the water of the Indian Ocean wasn’t as cold as she expected.
We decided to take the 2km walking trail around the lighthouse.
At Her request (especially for a friend who likes Australian flowers), Himself took some photos of the wild flowers, both of the bushes and in close up.
This one was unusual, the young flowers appear to be a different colour to the more mature ones.
While on that trail, we decided to take a detour to the whale watching point, even though we know its the wrong season for whales in this part of Western Australia. This is some of the coastal scenery.
While on the whale watching platform, Herself overheard another woman tell her companions that a seal had just moved onto a rocky outcrop in front of us. Herself could just make out what she thought might be two seals on the rock but, through the magic of a zoom lens, the camera revealed that there were actually three.
Then Herself pointed to a row of rocks off to the right which she believed might have seals sitting on it. Again the camera revealed more than was expected.
After lunch which we had while sitting in the van in the carpark, we decided it was time to move on to the town of Busselton. By the grace of God, we drove a couple of kilometres through town and ended up in the right place to find the jetty!

Busselton Jetty used to be a working wharf and was to have been demolished when it was no longer needed but the citizens of the town lobbied to keep it. The 1.8km (1.1 miles) jetty is probably now the town’s most visited tourist attraction and has inspired much foreshore redevelopment.

We could have taken this cute little train out and back.
But we were determined to walk!
These wind vanes were lovely sculptures, the school of fish is very clever.
We have no idea what this bird is but he seemed to be master of all he surveyed!
After an ice cream, knowing that we had to return the motorhome the next day, we reluctantly agreed that we should push on to the town of Bunbury 52km further north. We arrived too late to see anything except the city centre as we drove through it on the way to the caravan park. With a population of over 70,000 people, it was a big change from many of the other places we had stayed at during out travels!


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