Day 6: Esperance – Munglinup – Bremer Bay

Before breakfast, Himself went out to take some photos of the bay and surrounds.
He saw a small pod of dolphins but they weren’t very close. 20130602-193732.jpg
Stiles are not very common in NSW; Himself used this one to leave and re-enter the caravan park on different occasions.
After breakfast, we decided to take a walk along the 700m (765 yards) Tanker jetty, not far from the caravan park. Unfortunately, reconstruction of the foreshore is under way and we were unable to access the jetty.
Himself remembered to take a photo of the view from our campsite before we left.
The first thing we did after leaving the caravan park, was buy diesel. Himself noted that this was the first time he had ever paid $100 for fuel.
We then went to Rotary Lookout on Wireless Hill to take photos of the 360* view. It was very cloudy and misty but, fortunately, not raining while we were there.
Herself used the iPad to take a video of the 360* view.20130602-194233.jpg
Then it was time to begin the long drive (400+km/250 miles!) trip towards Albany.

Again, we stopped in Munglinup for lunch but this time the weather was much cooler and cloudier. The park was also more crowded, having three other people in it!

Along the way, Himself pulled over in a parking area (we call them rest areas in NSW) to take a photo of a grass tree with its flower spike, especially for our overseas friends. These plants are very expensive to buy in NSW. They used to be called “black boys” because of the black trunks and the fact that the flower spike resembles a spear; however, this is no longer politically correct and the common name was changed to be less offensive.
Can you see the very small yellow flowers on the flower spike?
We drove through Ravensthorpe, then turned off just before Jerramungup. At Gairdner, we turned off for the small township of Bremer Bay, where we had chosen to spend the night. The cloudy weather that had followed us for the last two days was gone,20130602-194442.jpg and a clear sky caused a drop in temperature. It was the coldest night we had experienced on our trip.

We had FaceTime with DD and the grandsons. Older Grandson was excited to see our mobile home and how we set up for the night. Then he showed us his new backpack, lunch bag and drink bottle. He was going on an adventure the following day: he and his brother were going to pre-school for the first time.

After dinner, we tried to catch up with our blog. Downloading photos from the camera, choosing which ones to use and editing them is a time-consuming process. Adding them to a pre-written blogpost then putting them in the correct position takes much longer than we anticipated. But it will be good to look back over our blog in the weeks and months ahead.


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