Day 5 (Part 1): Cape Le Grande National Park

After breakfast and the usual “moving the mobile home” chores (stowing everything, disconnecting the water hose and electricity cable, locking all cupboards, etc.), we headed east to Cape Le Grande National Park, about 60km (37 miles) from Esperance. As we drove, we saw “Stonehenge”, supposedly a replica of the one in England (which we have seen) — this one seemed much smaller to us and being set near buildings seemed a little weird.

On arrival at the National Park, we were told that the road to Lucky Bay was closed which was disappointing because that’s where we were headed. Only the road to Cape Le Grande beach was open. The good news was that there were no park fees payable that day. The fire that we had see the night before was apparently the reason for the road closure. They were doing controlled burning.

This photo was taken as we entered the park towards Frenchman’s Peak (the pointy hill on the left).
As we approached the beach and came around the last bend into the carpark, the stunning view caused us both to inhale and exclaim “wow”! The colour of the water was magnificent. This photo was taken a little later as the clouds covered the sun.
Unfortunately, a few minutes later, it began to rain. We had come so far that we decided to brave the rain anyway. After Herself changed her clothes, we went out onto the beach and started walking. The rain soon stopped.
We watched a 4WD coming down the beach towards us. We didn’t think Britz/Maui would be impressed if we took the mobile home for a drive on the beach! 😉

We walked until we came to a creek that flowed into the sea.
We turned around and walked back towards the carpark but instead of going to the van, we climbed the stairs up the side of Mt Le Grande 20130601-204257.jpg
to the lookout where more photos were taken.

To His surprise, Herself (who is not known for liking heights or being adventurous) began climbing further, beyond the lookout. There were no more stairs just a steep rocky path marked at intervals so walkers don’t lose their way.
This is what our van in the carpark looked like when we were partway up.
This is the trail we had been following looking back towards the beach.
We walked quite a way before Herself realised that the trail didn’t lead to the top of the headland but in another direction entirely. Because we were not carrying water, we decided to turn around and go back to the carpark where our 7m motorhome now looked smaller than a Matchbox car.20130601-201316.jpg
This is what a close up of Frenchman’s Peak looks like from the height we climbed.
At the bottom of the trail, we found a sign which showed that the trail led to Hellfire Bay, a hard 3.5 hour walk away. Lucky we didn’t keep following the trail!

We had lunch overlooking the beach. We had to sit inside because it was too cool to sit outside.
This was our view out the window.


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