Day 5 (Part 2): Ocean Drive, Esperance

You can read about Day 5 (Part 1) in our previous post.

After lunch at Cape Le Grande Beach, we headed back to Esperance. We tried to visit Duke of Orleans beach but it was on a dirt road and Maui had asked us not to drive on unsealed roads.

Once in Esperance, we decided to take the 40km (25 mile) Ocean Drive circuit and look at the views. Unfortunately, the rain had set in but there are some spectacular views of the coastline along the drive.
One accidental art shot taken using the iPad which focused on the rain on the window rather than the view outside.
And one arty shot taken by Himself.
We also saw our first wind farm; it had at least six turbines. Pink Lake was disappointing because it is only pink in high saline, night temperature and high light situations. Given that it is late autumn and it was raining, there was no way that situation was going to happen.
However, Himself took a photo of the reflection of a rainbow on the lake, which turned out okay.

After dinner, we talked to DD for about an hour, then went to bed.


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