Day 4: Wave Rock – Esperance

After breakfast, we made a final visit to Wave Rock (more photos) before heading off for the long drive to Esperance.

We passed by the township of Lake King and drove through Ravensthorpe then stopped for lunch at Munglinup (yes, that really is a place name). The park was directly across the road from this garage:
We ate our lunch in the park, enjoying the late-autumn sunshine. The breeze was cool but it was pleasant enough to be sitting outside.

Along the road to Esperance we passed a mining operation. WA has a huge mining industry — it is a state rich in natural resources.
We arrived in Esperance at about 3pm and stopped at the first caravan park we came to. We decided to stay for two nights as it was really too late to do anything, and we had another long drive when we moved on.

The most immediate need was for some groceries, so we went shopping at the local IGA and pharmacy. Putting the groceries away at home is always a chore but in a mobile home it is essential that everything is stowed away carefully so in some ways it’s a game but it also takes longer than it ordinarily would as we climb over each other in the small space.

It had clouded over but seemed extraordinarily dark by 4:30pm. A check of the weather site for the local area revealed that sunset was at 4:46pm. That’s a little earlier than at home. We decided to take a stroll on the beach in the twilight and left the beach as darkness began to fall. Himself took some photos of the port area from the beach before we left.
In the twilight, we could see the smoke from a large fire across the bay.
We wandered back to the caravan park and had dinner. After dinner, Himself went out to take some more photos of the fire somewhere across the bay which looked even more spectacular in the dark. The lights to the right of the next photo are from the tanker shown in the extreme right of the photo above.
We had driven over 400km and were both pretty tired so we soon went to bed.


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