Day 3 (Part 1): Pingelly

We woke early; perhaps because we had been to bed so early.
After a shower, we went for a walk through the Main Street of town. It is a little town, population about 800, but had some very interesting shops. Unfortunately, being Sunday, most of them, including the supermarket, were closed for the day.
At the end of the Main Street we saw the old railway station and, while walking towards that, found an information board that told of other sights in the area. On our next trip to WA, we plan to visit the area again and stay much longer.
Near the railway station, we found the service station/motel/restaurant/take-away shop and we were finally able to buy some milk. As we were walking back to the caravan park along a different road, we came to a cross intersection where the roads didn’t meet at right angles. On one corner was a building which first caught our attention because it had a beautiful rock wall foundation topped by a common brick building which, some time ago, had been painted an ochre-red.
It was while the building was being photographed that we realised that it had been built on the same angle as the intersection so, while the two long sides ran parallel, the roadside ran at an acute angle! That’s one way to maximise floor space on an odd shaped boundary! The old hotel on the opposite corner solved the problem by putting the front door in at an angle so the odd shape wasn’t so noticeable.


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