Day 2: Sydney – Perth – Pingelly

The alarm was due to go off at 6am; we had a shuttle bus transfer booked for 6:35. Strangely enough, our motel room (which was pretty basic) had a shower but no towels were provided. I wonder if that is normal in this particular motel chain?

The shuttle bus arrived on time and we went through the usual procedures (checking bags, passing through security) without a hitch. We wandered around the terminal for a while, deciding where to eat breakfast, and settled on a cafe that offered pancakes with maple syrup and cream (not Lynne’s choice –she would prefer butter). The choice at most of the other caves appeared to be limited to items containing eggs! Surprising McDonalds wasn’t one of the vendors! We moved from the cafe to Gate 10 where our plane awaited. As soon as the call for boarding was made, the queue of people stretched 50 metres or more across the terminal. We sat and waited until the queue got much shorter; after all, seats are pre-booked and there’s no reason to be first on the plane!
We took off right on time and had a very smooth flight. Unfortunately, although we had a window seat we couldn’t see much due to having seats over the wing and because of the cloud cover between us and the ground!

Mark watched the latest James Bond movie then listened to some Monty Python skits and finished with Faulty Towers, while Lynne played Hangman, slept and watched a great documentary on improving memory. We both watched a documentary about Perth.
Of course, breakfast was served — either muesli or Spanish eggs. Both choices came with a small tub of yoghurt and a small apple and blueberry muffin. Morning tea was a couple of small chocolate chip cookies.

The plane arrived in Perth on time; our luggage seemed to take forever to come out — but we were among the earliest people to get it! We got a taxi straight away and it was not long before we arrived at the depot where we would pick up our motor home.

We didn’t realise that it would take more than an hour to complete the paper work, watch a DVD on the motorhome we were hiring, and be shown through the motorhome. However, we finally got away about an hour and twenty minutes later.

The first thing we discovered is that shopping for groceries, while necessary, is very difficult with a motor home that is seven metres long! There’s no way it can be parked in a crowded Saturday afternoon car park and we drove around for quite a while before we found somewhere where we could parallel park in the street!

First things first — lunch! Then it was into a very crowded supermarket to try and work out what we needed (note to selves: next time make a list on the plane)! We left the supermarket with what we thought was everything we needed for a couple of days … How wrong could we be?

The guy who served us at the motorhome depot had given us clear directions on how to get where we wanted to go — unfortunately, they were not easy to follow nor were they the smartest way to get where we were heading. There were several times when we had to turn around and almost as many times that we had to stop and ask for help!

We are grateful to the woman who helped us outside a pub and to the couple that helped us at a roadside rest area! The route they helped us find involved driving through a little place called Jarrahville — it is definitely on my list of places to visit next time; I was very disappointed we didn’t have time to stop and look around.

Before we left home, we had planned to drive to Wave Rock for our first night’s stopover; that was very ambitious even if we hadn’t been “lost”! We ended up staying in a little town called Pingelly. We arrived there after dark and there was no office on site. We are grateful to a fellow camper who allowed us to borrow his phone to try to call the after-hours number and also gave us access the amenities block!

We were both too tired to even think about dinner so we went to bed at 8pm (10pm Sydney time) — it had been a very, very long day!


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