Day 1: on our way

We finished at the Renovation Project at 5:20pm and returned home to shower and pack for our trip.

MIL arrived to take us to the station and we caught the 7:35 train — pretty good considering!

The lift (elevator) was still under renovation at Central station but the lift company appears to have employees there for passenger assistance and one of our cases was carried up the steep flight of stairs.

When we arrived at Domestic Terminal Station we took the lift up to ground level. It was quite a shock to find that it opened into an open air car park and it was pouring with rain!

We had been going to walk to the motel but the weather soon changed our minds! We dashed out into the rain to reach the undercover walkway and began searching for the pick up point for the transfer service to our motel. We only knew that it was “in the bend between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3”!

We found the right place at last, by which time it had stopped raining! We only had to wait a few minutes before we heard the call which included the name of our motel. We added our bags to those being placed in the trailer and climbed on board a ramshackle old bus driven at a fast and furious pace! Quite scary really! We were the last two on the bus after the bus had stopped at three hotels; when we arrived the driver had to make very tight turns in a crowded car park — it’s a wonder he didn’t hit anything! Really he was a very capable driver, we just wish he hadn’t driven so quickly!

Our room was on the fifth floor and looked out over a Krispy Kreme Donut store towards the airport. Because of the rain on the window, it was difficult to get any decent photos.



We went to bed exhausted and slept through till about 5am.


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